New Hampshire Intergroup (NHI)

NHI is a service body for Overeaters Anonymous®. Our primary purpose is to carry the message – to help the still suffering compulsive overeater - through the Twelve Step recovery program of Overeaters Anonymous.

NHI seeks to serve the groups that make up their Intergroup by providing services that are beyond the scope or ability of an individual group.

Such services are:

  • Provides insurance to NHI member meetings registered with World Service Office (WSO)
  • Coordinates, prints, and distributes meeting lists.
  • Maintains an answering service.
  • Publishes the PROMISES, our monthly newsletter.
  • Sponsors sharathons, retreats, workshops, special events.
  • Answers mail and phone inquiries about OA.
  • Informs healthcare and other professionals about OA.
  • Carries the OA message to compulsive overeaters who don’t yet know about the program.
  • Provides information about out-of-town meetings to members when they travel.
  • Provides information about meetings to visiting out-of-town OA members.
  • Provides links between local OA and the regional and national levels of OA where policy is set and where literature is developed.
  • Contributes regularly to WSO and Region 6.

Where & When does NHI Meet?

NHI usually meets on the first Sunday of the month from September through June from 2:00PM - 3:30PM at New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord, NH. Please see our meeting schedule for exact dates & directions.

How Can You Help?

There are several ways you can help NHI carry the OA message:

Give Time

Read about the different service positions available in NHI.

Give Money

Encourage the meeting you attend to make regular donations of their funds to NHI.

The OA Group Handbook suggests sending 60% of excess funds to the local Intergroup, 10% to local Region, and 30% to World Service Office.

Please see our Make a Contribution section for more details.

New Hampshire Intergroup
P.O. Box 1363
Derry, NH 03038-6363
1-800-201-8720 Toll Free NH, ME, MA, VT only

Region 6 Treasurer
P.O. Box 644
Peabody, MA 01960

World Service Office
P.O. Box 44727
Rio Rancho, NM 87174-4727

Individual Contributions

Give what you can when you can. When you make your personal contributions, consider making a tax-deductible contribution to NHI.

Spread the Word

NHI needs everyone’s contribution of "time and money."

Are You Represented?

Each OA group is encouraged to send a delegate to New Hampshire Intergroup to vote on matters affecting OA and to bring information, flyers, and newsletters back to their home meeting.

Representatives from all groups are needed for NHI to be of the greatest service. PLEASE BE SURE THAT EVERY GROUP YOU ATTEND IS REPRESENTED. If a group has no representation, why not volunteer?

You need not be an elected representative to come to NHI meetings or to give service through our committees. DON’T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT!


If you still have questions about NHI or about the work of any of its committees, please call, write, or contact us through our website's contact form:

New Hampshire Intergroup
P. O. Box 1363
Derry, NH 03038-6363

Answering Service Telephone
1-800-201-8720 Toll Free NH, ME, MA, VT only

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