New Hampshire Intergroup (NHI)


NHI is a service body for Overeaters Anonymous®. Our primary purpose is to carry the message – to help the still suffering compulsive overeater – through the Twelve Step recovery program of Overeaters Anonymous.

NHI Treasurer

Status: Filled
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  • Maintain a checking account established in the name of New Hampshire Intergroup for dispersal of NHI funds.
  • Be the guardian of all funds received and disbursed.
  • Record contributions received via cash, check, money order, or PayPal.
  • Reconcile checkbook register monthly by accessing TD Bank online and printing monthly statement. The total of the general fund + retreat fund +delegates fund must match checkbook balance.
  • Pay expenses using checks, debit card, or PayPal: review each expense for accuracy. Expenses may include printing of meeting lists, flyers and reports; postage; telephone charges; insurance; mileage; public information; Region 6 Rep and WSO Delegate expenses; sharathon and retreat expenses.
  • Pay rent monthly, or per current arrangement, to meeting space provider.
  • Send contribution to World Service per group conscience.
  • Send contribution to World Service and Region 6 per group conscience.
  • Keep running totals of current year’s retreat and sharathon expenses.
  • Prepare a monthly treasurer’s report to include a comparison to the yearly budget.
  • Email PDF version of the Treasurer’s report to NHI Secretary for distribution and print 15 copies to bring to the NHI meeting.
  • Transfers and manages money in NHI’s Fund Accounts in keeping with approved budget amounts – General Fund, Delegates Fund and Retreat Fund.
  • Prepare an annual budget with input from the Budget Committee in October; present budget at the November NHI meeting and seek approval at the December meeting.
  • Every 6 months, asks at the NHI meeting for 2 volunteers to stay after the meeting to “audit” the past 6 months of expenses.
  • Files IRS postcard for non-profits annually using online system. Deadline is May 15th.

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