New Hampshire Intergroup (NHI)

NHI is a service body for Overeaters Anonymous®. Our primary purpose is to carry the message – to help the still suffering compulsive overeater - through the Twelve Step recovery program of Overeaters Anonymous.

Status: Filled
Contact the Meeting List Coordinator

  • Maintain two meeting lists: One list to include group contact information for distribution at OA meetings only, not for public display. The second list to exclude group contact information, for posting to the internet and other public means of communication.
  • Regularly check and respond to emails received at the NHI “Meetings” email address.
  • Call meeting contact persons to verify meeting information for any meetings not responding to mail verification.
  • Seek volunteers to assist in contacting the meetings that do not send Reps to NHI and to ask them for updates.
  • Compare NHI meeting list information to WSO online meeting information. Resolve any discrepancies by contacting and working with the meeting group rep and/or WSO.
  • Update the NHI meeting list monthly in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Prepare and email the updated lists to the NHI Secretary with the Committee Reports.
  • Make and provide 30 copies of the updated list that includes group contact information for Reps to pick up at the NHI meeting.
  • Email the updated list to the NHI webmaster and send changes to WSO.
  • Inform groups on how to update meeting information at the WSO website and assist groups as needing in making updates online.

This website is maintained by the New Hampshire Intergroup (NHI) of Overeaters Anonymous®.
Opinions expressed are not the opinions of NHI or OA as a whole. Comments about site content, or suggestions, should be sent to the NHI Webmaster.

Permission to use the Overeaters Anonymous logo was granted by the World Service Office of Overeaters Anonymous on March 30, 2016.