New Hampshire Intergroup (NHI)

NHI is a service body for Overeaters Anonymous®. Our primary purpose is to carry the message – to help the still suffering compulsive overeater - through the Twelve Step recovery program of Overeaters Anonymous.

Status: Filled
Contact the Ways & Means Chair

  • Announce at NHI meetings that anyone with fundraising ideas should contact the chair.
  • Encourage others to help (i.e. making selling or promoting).
  • Investigate and plan fundraising activities for NHI approval.
  • Follow guidelines set down by WSO to insure that traditions are upheld (i.e. no outside enterprise, etc.)
  • Write articles for the NHI newsletter announcing fundraising projects, reporting project results and thanking people for their help and support.
  • Keep records of income and expenses by project or event.
  • Submit revenue to the treasurer for deposit and cost receipts for reimbursement.
  • Prepare a report after each event showing gross and net sales.
  • Prepare, organize and count inventory before and after our merchandise is sold. It is not mandatory but suggested that Chair transport merchandise to all venues/workshops, retreats and conventions, etc. where NHI can sell its inventory. If Chair cannot attend these events, he/she should find an OA member/volunteer who could be responsible for selling our merchandise.

This website is maintained by the New Hampshire Intergroup (NHI) of Overeaters Anonymous®.
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Permission to use the Overeaters Anonymous logo was granted by the World Service Office of Overeaters Anonymous on March 30, 2016.