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Miscellaneous PDF documents are available here to download.

Big Book Stories – 4th vs 3rd Edition

OA’s Lifeline – Stories of Recovery Blog

Lifeline: Stories of Recovery is a new OA blog

where OA members can share their experience, strength, and hope—“both to attract newcomers to the Fellowship and inspire OA members as they work their programs of recovery.” The Lifeline blog features stories on topics such as: abstinence, recovery, being a newcomer, and sponsorship.

Promises Newsletter

Copies of our Promises newsletter are available here in downloadable PDF format. The PDF issues cover January 2012 to March 2021. Articles included in the Promises are based on OAs’ individual experiences. These personal stories are not representative of NHI or OA as a whole.



OA Recordings

The following are links to the websites of various OA service bodies where there are recordings of the experience, strength and hope (ESH) of OA members.

Overeaters Anonymous Podcasts
Central Jersey Audio Library
L.A. Intergroup Virtual Speakers Bureau
L.A. Intergroup Event Speakers
Region 6 Podcasts


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