Twelfth Step Within

Created to support those in the Fellowship who still suffer and address the relapse & recovery of our members, the purpose of theTwelfth Step Within Committee is to strengthen OA by sharing information & ideas that generate recovery within the Fellowship.

Those who give Twelfth Step Within service encourage existing OA members to become or remain abstinent, to work the Twelve Steps and to give service to the best of their ability. Doing this service increases the quantity and quality of recovery in our Fellowship, thereby assisting our own spiritual journey.

Am I Qualified?

One question that has come up repeatedly, in my short time as chair of the Twelfth Step Within Committee, is whether someone is qualified to practice Step 12. I have been at a loss to answer that question with any certainty.

I was among those asking about the qualifications for working the step. It was then that I decided to do the one thing I could, read Step 12, thoroughly and repeatedly. Upon the third reading it occurred to me that each and every paragraph was filled with truth statements about recovery.

By taking each statement and making it into a question, an inventory of my progress in the program became wonderfully transparent. I became acutely aware of where I was in my 12th step work, and the limits of my ability to help another.

Being a member of this program has become much easier because I understand where I am, and that I am not meant to give others something I don't have, or something I have not experienced. Carrying the spirit of Step 12 now seems possible, whether having achieved this milestone or not.

Anyone interested in serving on the Twelfth Step Within Committee can contact us here.

With gratitude,
Diane L., Twelfth Step Within Chair, December 2015

Twelfth Step Within does not focus on attracting new members; it explicitly supports the ones we already have. Anyone who is abstinent and working his or her own recovery can do this service. No special qualifications are necessary; only willingness is needed. We can all help carry the message of recovery through abstinence and working the Steps by (1) being well ourselves; (2) giving service, sponsorship and friendship; (3) encouraging membership retention; and (4) attending meetings and OA events.

What Can You Do?

Hand-outs for your literature table:

From the OA Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions, The Spiritual Principles of the Twelve Steps:

From the Twelfth Step Within Handbook:

Sponsoring: A Privilege and a Responsibility (TSW committee for September 2013)

The Promises and Twist on the Promises

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