New Hampshire Intergroup (NHI)

NHI is a service body for Overeaters Anonymous®. Our primary purpose is to carry the message – to help the still suffering compulsive overeater - through the Twelve Step recovery program of Overeaters Anonymous.

Your continuing support of NHI is essential and enables us to carry the message of hope and recovery to all our member groups. You may be wondering what NHI does with the donations we receive from our meetings.

NHI has the following three (3) funds:

  • General Fund
  • Delegates Fund
  • Retreat Fund

When your group makes a donation to NHI, unless otherwise specified, your donation will be credited to the NHI General Fund to be used as follows:

  • 36% goes directly into NHI’s Delegates Fund, enabling NHI to be represented at the World Service Business Conference and Region 6 Assembly meetings, to keep your group informed about OA happenings.
  • The remaining 64% covers the costs associated with providing the following services:
    • Covering the Liability insurance for registered OA meetings in NHI
    • Updating Meeting Lists on a regular basis
    • Providing a toll-free Answering Service to direct newcomers to meetings
    • Publishing the Promises newsletter
    • Sponsoring Sharathons, Workshops and Special Events
    • Maintaining the NHI website
    • Rent and other administrative costs

The Retreat Fund is self-funded through retreat registrations and retreat-specific donations from member groups. These donations are used for scholarships or for other purposes as designated by the donor (e.g., Retreat Scholarships, Retreat Leader Expenses, etc.). If no specific purpose is noted, the donation is used to meet the needs of the Retreat as determined by the Retreat Chair and NHI.

If you wish to make an additional donation to the Delegates Fund* or donate to the Retreat Fund, in addition to or instead of the General Fund, you can direct a specific dollar amount of your contribution to any of those funds by indicating your intentions at the time you submit your contribution.

To direct donations to a specific fund:

  • On the paper Contribution Form, there are specific lines you can complete.
  • On the PayPal online payment page, you can use the area of the online payment form where it says to “Enter your Group # or Meeting Info” to specify the dollar amount you wish to earmark for each fund at the time you make the contribution.

Thank you very much for your support of NHI, which in turn, helps us to continue to be able to serve our member groups by providing services that are beyond the scope or ability of an individual group.

* Remember that the Delegates Fund is already funded by 36% of each donation to the General Fund

This website is maintained by the New Hampshire Intergroup (NHI) of Overeaters Anonymous®.
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